Sunday, June 14, 2009

A trip along Drieri

We've been in Switzerland since Wednesday night, first visiting the kids' aunt and uncle and cousins, and now grandparents.

A hike two days ago from the village to a lake went along one of the many waterways dug into the steep hillsides. The waterways bring water to the fields of grass that are cut twice or three times a summer and made into hay. The one we followed is named Drieri, after the number three, since it can take three "waters" - it's bigger than the other waterways. It leads a couple miles away.

Along Drieri above the village, Sonja is in front of her aunts and uncles and cousings, with a bouquet of flowers she picked along the way. Glacier in the background... Martin's favorite, since he saw it daily when he was growing up.

Along Drieri in the forest, on the way back:

Back from the trip, descending into the village again:


Matt Heavner said...

fantastic pictures, and it looks like such a great trip so far!!

padjsd said...

Nice to see your post! You will have to pass on some tips to me - how to survive long airplane rides with young children and how to recover from jet lag!

Cecile said...

Enjoy !

Christoph + Barbara said...

Call/email us in case you have time to see Davos in summer. Would be nice to see you again!