Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some more pictures from Switzerland

Some pictures from Switzerland...

They started cutting the grass to make hay around the village where Martin grew up (if he grew up ever) this week - I was told they start around solstice. Here are some of the meadows within the village last week, with beautiful flowers.

and the vegetation is nearly as tall as Emilie (who is on the main access trail to the house behind her - there is no road to the house, no sidewalk):

Aldo, carrying a big load of fresh grass for the cows:

and at the end, a smaller load:

Emilie and Sonja help their cousin Sophie and aunt Cornelia push their cousin David:

Hand in hand:

Someone in the village, moving the goats to a different pasture:

Views around the village:

Emilie, curious to see her baby cousin David:

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Cecile said...

Gorgeous picture. I love the picture of Aldo.