Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Night visitor

Yesterday during the night, around 4am, as I was letting the dogs out, there was this strange skreetch outside. Periodic enough that I went back into the house to try to grab a tape recorder, and not finding that, the video camera. The noise outside continued. Cooper seemed unimpressed. Saphira, on the other hand, really wanted to be outside. As did Emilie (on a portion of the video I cut off, she can be heard in the background). I did end up seeing something the size of our dogs through the corner of my eye before it disappeared behind a small ridge running down our hillside, so it was a four-legged creature, not a bird.

(view of the forest from our balcony, 4am, with a screetch audible from the trees)

My coworker Matt said it was likely a lynx, and these recordings from U of Michigan sound similar. So, in addition to moose, we now had a lynx visitor. Cool!

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