Monday, November 3, 2008

Spare parts for home appliances

Back in July of last year, I did an "unapproved purchase" as we call it (without consulting with Martin), and bought a Black and Decker blender called Crush Master in order to make smoothies. Yesterday, when we wanted to crush some fresh strawberries for ice cream, a small plastic part that was attached to the metal blade disintegrated.

I called the official 1-800 spare-parts number about buying the broken part, since it is one of the parts that is listed as "consumer replaceable" in the manual. Lo-and-behold, I was quoted a price of $27.95 for that part plus shipping. They have to be kidding! That's how much the whole brand-new blender cost, give or take a couple bucks. Considering that all I need is a small piece, that everything else is still fine (the motor works, the glass jar is fine, etc), I find it ridiculous that the replacement part is as expensive as the whole she-bang. Just promotes the whole throw-it-away culture.

So, here is my game plan: write to the company about the costs of spare parts. Look for a second-hand blender of the same model, or just a working second-hand blender. Or, if all else fails, buy a brand-new blender of the same type: for the same price as one spare part (and no warranty), I will have a working blender, a spare part for everything else, and another 1-year warranty.

Addendum: Based on Amazon reviews of the Black and Decker Crush Master, I am far from alone of having that plastic disintegrate. Stay away from this appliance!


Scribbit said...

That just stinks! Seems like nothing lasts anymore.

Eboni said...

I used to get my home appliances through Brookstone, will check out your site for spare parts.

Carrie said...

That sucks Dana. I like your idea to get a used blender. Look for a Kitchen Aide. They are strong!