Saturday, November 1, 2008


So, we continue to skijor, though I will have to take a break for some time.

Martin going skijoring with Sonja and the dogs this afternoon. Picture taken from our porch, as Martin skis down a steep access trail we built this fall, to get from the small ridge on which our house sits to the trail.

Yesterday, I went skijoring with Emilie in my jacket, the way natives up north carry their kids. This jacket, given to us by Barbara and Christoph, is excelent for that purpose: it has a cord running along the bottom that can be tied tightly (below Emilie's legs), as well as another running across the chest, which can also be tightened (below Emilie's butt). And it is big enough to fit Emilie and still be able to zip it up. Emilie often falls asleep if I wear her like that.

Unfortunately for me, yesterday, as we were skijoring on the road, the dogs pulling pretty well, I hit a piece of gravel on the road. This ski stopped, and I went flying forward, landing on the right shoulder, left knee, and central nose. Well, may be not the nose, but I think I hit it with the pole? Who knows. It is the shoulder which causes me the greatest concern. (The knee is black, the second time this season, but otherwise OK.) I think I heard a soft snap as I landed, and now cannot lift my arm up much. Based on x rays, it is not broken, which is good. Could still be that one (or more) of the four muscles which are used to lift up an arm snapped. Time will tell. In the meanwhile, Martin will be taking the dogs out.

Here is Emilie, sitting on my jacket the way I put her down, after we came back some other time when I carried her in my jacket. Temperature was cool, around 0 F. To make sure she didn't lose her shoes and gloves, I put regular socks over all four limbs. That works pretty well. The camera was a bit fogged up. But it is a good way to carry kids. No sling required. Warmer than a baby carrier (the backpack style), since her feet and arms and body are in my jacket.

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Matt Heavner said...

Hope you heal quickly and it isn't a torn muscle!!