Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A world far far away

With headlines such as the Dec 12 one
No recent wolf sightings in the Interior

The Department of Fish and Game has not received any more sightings or reports of wolves attacking dogs in the Two Rivers/North Pole area in the past two days, according to department spokeswoman Cathie Harms.
in the Fairbanks News-Miner, Zurich sure seems a looooong ways away.

Instead of wolves, we were reminded of cold lands far away when we visited the Zurich Zoo Penguins with Elsbeth and Lena. Lena is on the left, Sonja on the right.

As a separate note, Sonja is starting to use logic. I was trying to tell her at night time that she needs to show us that she is a big girl and can fall asleep by herself. She replied that Sonja is not a big girl, that she is a small girl (and thus that I should stay with her while she falls asleep), and that mama is a big girl. OK, seems like she is not a big girl, but she sure is a smart one.

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