Thursday, December 20, 2007

4 months

So it is four months ago that we welcomed Emily (officially spelled Emilie) into our family.

At that time, she was 7 lbs 12 oz (3.5 kg), now she is 6 kg (13 1/4 lbs). Just about 50th percentile according to the charts. She is in some 3-6 month clothes, and some 6-9 month clothes.

When she was born, she did not sleep through the night. Now she does, sometimes. But she still has problems sleeping during the day, or falling asleep by herself. She generally does fall asleep in the sling when we go for a walk, but she wakes up when we get back home the moment I try to lay her down on the couch.

Sonja was initially very jealous of her. Now she is for the most part a nice older sister.

Emily nursed like a champ before, and now she does too, though unlike the beginning, she manages to find the nipple herself if it is within a reasonable distance of her mouth.

She also started discovering her voice. She is entertaining us with her screams and babbling, though last night at 4 am I could have done without all that.

Her fingers are no longer clenched into tight little fists, and are instead pawing at anything within their reach, be it Sonja's hair (not a popular activity from Sonja's viewpoint), or the plate on the table if she is on my lap when we eat (not a popular activity from my viewpoint).

She can almost roll by herself, and can hold her head up if she is on her tummy. And she always manages to get out from underneath the blanket. Those little feet are pretty amazing in being able to transport anything that's on top of her away.

And, best of all, she flashes these wonderful beautiful smiles at everyone around her most of the time. Even herself in the mirror, as Martin tried out.

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