Saturday, December 22, 2007

The annual glaciology christmas fondue dinner

Last Thursday, VAW ("fau-ah-weh"), equivalent to but smaller than the Geophysical Institute, had their Christmas Aperitif (with plenty of both red and white wine), and later that day the glaciology group had their fondue dinner.

Tinu was telling me that this is the night that he is not allowed to sleep in the same room as Elsbeth. And then he told me why: a year or two ago during the fondue dinner, they ran out of bread but still had plenty of cheese left... so, since there was also a lot of garlic left, they peeled the cloves and dipped the garlic into the fondue instead of bread. Apparently they ate a lot of garlic that night. Even Tinu couldn't stand his own smell. I can see why Elsbeth would banish Tinu from the bedroom. Would be a great experiment for summertime in Fairbanks, to see if mosquitoes bite less if the smell of garlic just oozes out of one's skin.

This year, (my) Martin was doing the fondue. Martin Funk started peeling the whole head of garlic that (my) Martin brought in, and chopped it up, but apparently Martin refused to put all that garlic in. And I ate the fondue as well, so both of us would have smelled equally anyways.

Ingredients for fondue:
flour or cornstarch
white wine
cheese mixture
and of course something to dip into it. Garlic is not recommended for that purpose.

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