Sunday, September 2, 2007

Smith Lake; burning some brush; garden

From a walk down to Smith Lake: never too late to start a family...

Swans on Smith Lake:

A couple family pics.

Martin was burning some brush out on our driveway, and Sonja was helping. At one point, she came back inside the house, and told me "Mama, I need a banana and milk". I gave her both items, and out the door she went, to eat outside with dad. She is definitely at the point where if she wants to, she can tell us what she wants.

Enjoying some time sitting on dad.

And the newest member of the family (playing with Picasa)

We have some dwarf sunflowers on our plot in the community garden, most of them finally started blooming this past week, just as the season is done. Still, the bees enjoy them.

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Snowbike said...

Great photos! It is awesome--between these photos and when we met Emilie, there is so much behind her eyes. You were right--at 4 days she was simply trying to deal with the input. Now (already!), there is some processing I can see behind those eyes