Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Hide and seek" with a two year old

Martin and Sonja love to play hide and seek. The other day Sonja and I hid in a closet in her room, and Martin came to look for us. Of course he knew perfectly well where we were hidden, but part of the game is to make a little theater of it of looking all over the place for Sonja. And so he was turning the room upside down searching, while talking out loud to himself (in his language)...
I wonder where Sonja is. Let's look in her crib. No Sonja there. She's not hiding underneath her bed either... I wonder where she went? I bet she went outside! She must be outside!
To which there was a vehement "No!" coming from the closet. With that help, within a minute or so Martin proceeded to "find" us, much to Sonja's delight.

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