Friday, September 7, 2007

Saphira the acrobat

About our dogs the escapists: While neither Mica nor Saphira are the escape artists that Choly (or Tschooli, as Martin would write) was, both again started jumping over the gate that leads from the porch into the greater world (freedom!).

It is funny to see the differences in style though. Mica takes a short running start and uses the top of the gate only for a fraction of a second as she jumps over it and down the stairs.

Saphira's style I got to see yesterday when I caught her red-handed trying to escape: as I rounded the corner of the house with Emilie and Sonja, there was Saphira balancing on top of the gate. She must have jumped up but not been sure about jumping down the stairs... she does not have the most courageous heart. After watching her for a few seconds as she balanced on top of the gate, I told her to get back on the porch, which she did, and she remained on the porch until we got back an hour later. Sometimes it is nice to have dogs who are wimps :).

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