Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ultrasound and animals, but no doggies :( yet

Last Thursday, we had the mid-pregnancy ultrasound. As with Sonja, this baby will be a surprise (we decided that they should not tell us whether it is a boy or girl).

Now that the house is empty except for the two of us, we have been checking out animals: in addition to the geese, chick, and reindeer that we saw on Saturday, we saw on our walk to get mail yesterday a raven sitting in a tree right above us, a butterfly, and a squirrel that went to get the sunflower seeds we left out for the chickadees. The squirrel was quite a hit - Sonja would sit on the kitchen counter half a foot away from the window, and the squirrel was nibbling the seeds just outside. Even with all these animals, Sonja periodically asks about the doggies, and cries at night for them. At least now I know that she cries because she misses the dogs. The first time that happened, when she was inconsolable, I thought she had a toothache, or stomachache, or ear infection. That first time it happened, at some point after more than an hour of crying, I finally heard her say "doggie", and when I asked if she is crying because the doggies are not here, she said yes, and I was able to tell her that they will be back in a week. That quieted her down. I doubt if she believes me though, a week is a long time for a toddler.

Martin called yesterday, which was also a big hit with Sonja. She would listen on the phone for a bit, then take it away from her ear, so that she could look at this contraption, inside which apparently her dad was trapped.

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