Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bear AllDone

A week ago we said bye for the last time to the polar bear ice sculpture at the entrance to the university. The heat from the sun collapsed it the next day.

Sonja was very fond of the bear, we stopped by it twice, and anytime she would see it in passing, she would yell out "Bea"(r)! Last week, we tried to show her how the snow and ice melts, so as we were passing the place where the bear and its cub had stood, we said "Bear all done", since Sonja now regularly uses "All done" for finished/done/gone. Sonja saw the remains of the ice where the ice sculpture had stood. and burst into tears. She was sobbing for most of the way home. We tried to explain to her that next year, there will be another ice sculpture there, but were not very successfull.

Well, Spring is almost here, and Bear AllDone.

I'll try to post a picture of Sonja and the bear in question from home.

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