Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter weekend 2007: dredge and white mountains

Saturday we went to a local dredge. The snow conditions deteriorated amazingly fast between Trhusday, when I went to the dredge with Elsbeth, and Saturday, when we went there with her husband, Martin, and Keith and Susan (as well as Sonja and Lena). While I normally ski to the area where the dredge is from our house, the road was already melted out a week ago, so we jsut drove a car to the end of it, and made the relatively short less than 1 mile hike to the dredge on skis. Hardest part is dropping into the ditch. The ditch took all the water out of the area, and since it is going through silty soil, the ditch cut really deep into the landscape, and has steep slopes. This year, a snowmachine made its way into the ditch from the lookout, so this was the first year I have gone closer to the dredge. Huge thing, that dredge. First picture shows Martin way up high looking down onto Elsbeth and Lena. Second picture shows Keith having fun climbing to the top of the stairs on the left side.

Saturday evening the same party reconvened at our place for a dinner of salmon, so that Tinu and Elsbeth could have some before heading back to Europe. Lena and Sonja started really playing together for the first time then. It was wonderful to see.

On Easter sunday, we went on our very last ski trip of the season, to Wickersham area. We headed out on the trail to Lee's cabin. After some two hours on a somewhat icy trail, we stopped on a hillock to eat some lunch. An hour later, at 2 o'clock, we headed back towards the cars, on a now somewhat slushy trail

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