Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Tanana Beach

Today, another trip to the Tanana Beach - on another probably record-setting hot day. After a couple hours at the beach, we got flooded out and hastily retreated to higher ground so that our cars wouldn't get stuck in water and mud - water rose probably a foot within the course of half an hour. That itself was an eye-opening experience for such a big river. All pictures are pre-retreat.

Closeup from the above picture:

Must be a footbridge, the railings still upright. We saw numerous (empty) oil drums come by. Mark estimated 100 trees an hour floating by. A deck floated by too - 10ft square. A lot of things coming down that river.
Here is an oil drum floating by (at left), plus the bluff that I love so much:

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Cecile said...

Last week-end, we went camping near a Lake. Liam was fascinated by the Lake like the girls. Until he felt head first...