Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another one

Another small quake, magnitude 3.5, yesterday at 8:52 pm, about 4 miles from our house (not counting another 6 miles for depth). Two hits, perhaps half a minute apart, from the two kinds of waves. (If it was not an earthquake, the next thing on my mind would have been that it's two trees falling onto the house - but Martin was not cutting any trees down at the moment. Not that he is normally either.)

The quake rattled things around our house, as well as the video store where Martin was just picking up a movie to watch (soon that will be the only way we will watch TV, since we didn't get a digital converter box - yet). Anyways, it was noticeable if one was not jumping around. Probably it was something shaking from the quake that woke Emilie up.

It seems like the Alaska Earthquake Information Center's web pages for earthquakes don't last very long, the link to the previous earthquake is already broken after less than a week. So I will just copy the information from there:
Local Date: Friday May 29th, 2009
Local Time: 08:53 PM AKDT
Universal Time: 05/30/2009 04:53:43.432 UTC
Magnitude: 3.50 ML
Latitude: 64.8004
Longitude: -148.0511
Depth: 6 miles (10 km)
Location of this quake on google maps.

Location of previous earthquake on google maps.

I think Sonja was about 3 months old when the first little earthquake, of similar magnitude as these ones, shook our house - her first quake.

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