Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A most satisfying doctor's visit

Our (ahem, my) plan today was to drop off Emilie at daycare, do some food shopping with Sonja, and go to the ice park again in the afternoon. All of that went out the window right after the shopping trip, when I got a call from the daycare that Emilie might have something wrong with the wrist and is crying a lot.

With Sonja, we picked Emilie up from daycare, and took her to the doctor. She was very unhappy about her left arm, and was holding the left wrist with her right hand, and crying often, whenever the left arm got moved a tiny bit. We went to our pediatric practice, and they said they will try to squeeze us in (since we didn't have an appointment). And they did, within about twenty minutes.

The nurse practitioner Judy came in a couple minutes after the nurse weighed and measured Emilie. She observed Emilie, and said she suspected "Nursemaid's Elbow" - and not the wrist. Pretty much, for people like me who don't understand the terms, it sounds like it's a dislocated elbow but it's not really a dislocated elbow, just the ligaments caught between the bones of the elbow. The name comes because it often happens to small kids when they are held by one arm or similar - for example, if a maid grabbed a child who was trying to get away from her.

Anyways, the nurse practitioner gently but firmly took Emilie's wrist in one hand, her elbow in the other, and rotated it into place. She had to redo it a second time, but after that, Emilie was once again using her left arm just like normal. 100 % recovery in the course of the visit.

Most of the time when we visit the doctor, it is either preventive visits (wellbeing and immunizations), or things like stomach bugs that can't quite be cured during the course of the 5 to 10 minute visit. There is something really satisfying about a case like this where Emilie went in not well and came out absolutely fine.

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