Sunday, March 15, 2009

Brrr, where is the March weather?

Current temperature at the airport at 11pm: -16F. Lows expected approaching -30. Same forecast for the next three days. Sure it warms up during the day with the strong sun, but the snow does not warm up so fast, so it is not so nice to go skiing (for wimps like me). Darn, where is the nice March weather that we like to dream of in the middle of winter? May be it is just delayed...

While this feels a bit cool for the season, someone pointed out to me that we are not really close to breaking any record lows, which are still nearer to -50F than to -40 (some of the forecast for tonight calls for -40 some places). Chris Swingley has it graphed nicely: lines indicating normal temperatures, asterisks for the record highs and lows, and red bars for the current year's temperature. I'll be watching that in the coming days to see how far below "normal" we are. In the meanwhile, I plugged in our cars, to make sure they start in the morning.

As an aside, people running the Iditarod will hit some of this cool air too - the lows tonight for Nome are predicted to 30 below. Stay warm! Especially Alan, as in Barbara and Alan who used to live here: Go, Alan, go, and stay warm!

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