Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A hike to Bordier Huette

We're back at the grandparents', this time with my cousin Marketa, but without Martin, who's leaving for two weeks in Greenland tomorrow.

Last week while we were here, Martin took care of the kids Monday afternoon while I hiked to a hut next to the glacier visible from the village. The hut is called Bordier Huette. It felt great to go hiking, regular speed, not kid speed. Three hours up to the hut, so I was up at five, fifteen minutes at the hut, then a longer way down via Europaweg, so that took also three hours.

The glacier visible from the village. The village is at 1600 meters, the hut is at nearly 2900 meters. This picture is from last fall, since our camera is now kaputt, and the video camera has crappy resolution. The hut is up a ways on the left side of the glacier (not visible on this image).

Going up next to the glacier...beautiful blue encian. Crappy picture.

Bordier huette. Crappy picture. Great hike. Reasonable weather (though I did not end up seeing the 4,000 meter peaks above the glacier).

It was a shock that I was not even sore the next day. Must be thanks to the five flights of stairs it takes to get to our Zurich apartment, that I do several times a day when we are in Zurich :)

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