Monday, July 28, 2008

Blueberries, currants, pears, and a lot of relatives

A week ago the kid and I returned from the Czech Republic again. Our last trip this year. I mainly wanted to see my grandfather and aunts and uncles again, and let Sonja practice her Czech. And enjoy the bounty of summer. From all of those points, the trip was a relative success.

We did both 8-hour journeys (there and a week later back) in one day, unlike the previous times. Started right after lunch, then drove some three hours, during which time the kids mainly slept. Stopped for a one hour break. Then tried to go on but had to stop after about an hour again. Then we grabbed a bite to eat for dinner, played some, and after an hour or so again continued. Reached the destination around midnight.

My cousin was helping on the way to my relatives, which was extremely nice. On the way back, I was alone, but managed ok. I had Emilie's car seat in the center position and Sonja was on the side, and Sonja did help to entertain Emilie somewhat. For Sonja's entertainment, we had a large selection of children's songs on CDs (czech, swiss, english), and I had some snacks and drinks that I could easily hand back to either of the kids without needing to poke anywhere. And small toys to hand back, as they slowly slipped out of Emilie's reach.

My aunt and cousin leaving to go blueberry picking one morning in a nearby forest. Two hours later, they were back. Emilie enjoyed what they brought back with them.

With my grandfather in the garden. Sonja and Emilie are eating some currants and pears, and the basket in front of them holds more small pears that we picked form the ground. Both girls loved them. My grandfather and his wife planted the trees after they came there to live around 1950, I think before they bought it. (It was originally a one-room schoolhouse with living quarters attached.)

My three uncles:
Pepa. Lada holding Emilie. Radim with Sonja (eating currants) and my grandpa:

Emilie "discovered" her tongue. Now it sticks out very often. First on one side, then the other, then it goes back inside, comes back out again... It is a source of entertainment for her, as well as for us. And sometimes a source of concentration for her. Like when she is trying her walking skills on not so smooth grass.

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