Wednesday, October 3, 2007

RIP Mica

Dear Mica,
we sure will miss you. You went from being a puppy dog who couldn't even walk over the floor in our house, so afraid you were of the smooth surface; to a calm dog who willingly (and sometimes not so willingly) followed Sonja as she held the leash. When we first got you, next to Choly, you were the wild puppy while he was the grumpy old guy. Then neither you nor him returned for three weeks in Dec 2004, though the pound caught you, emancipated, with your neck cut. We couldn't have been happier to again have you in the house, tappity-tapping across the floor. Then we got you Saphira as company, and suddenly you were the grumpy old woman, next to the puppyish Saphira.

Saphira loved to bug you. You liked to follow her on explorations, though. Is that what you were doing today when the two of you disappeared while we were walking along the ditch? All I know is that Saphira came back after an hour, and you did not. Then, in the evening, we got a call telling us where your body lies, next to the road branching off our road. Who knows what happened to you - did you find some antifreeze? Did you get hit by a car, soft enough that there was no sign on your body? Did you die of some other cause? We know you threw up.

May you rest in peace in a doggie heaven full of bones, and with just enough puppies around for a good play but not too annoying, and with enough toddlers around for a good company, but again not too annoying. We will miss you. Rest in peace.


Snowbike said...

Goodbye Mica, we'll miss you!! You were always a good doggy host when we visited Fairadise.

Keta, Suka, Matt, Carrie and Torsten

Hilary said...

So sorry to hear about Mica. She had a happy life and you have some great memories of her.

It was really good to see you all in Zurich. Thanks for dinner! We'll see you again very soon.

Laura said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Mica. What a hard thing to have happen at such a life-changing time. The blog is beautiful and she surely approves and feels your love.

Love, Laura, Tom, Waylon, Eno, and Castor