Tuesday, October 30, 2007

busy october: travels around switzerland

October has been busy for us. We visited Martin's parents for a week, in the sunny state of Wallis. Sonja liked that - plenty of goats and sheep around, plus some cats.

But she really really liked visiting Martin's sister, her husband, and their 4 kids this past weekend, near Luzern - those folks live out on a farm, with some 10 cows, a big friendly dog, two rabbits, and most importantly, a tiny kitten (2-3 months old) - Sonja had a balst. Poor kitten. She wanted to feed it and pet it and do everything for it. She really enjoyed the kids too, but the kitten was definitely the huge favorite thing she has played with this past weekend.


Laura said...

Thanks for posting! Great to hear what is up. Sorry for the photograph posting troubles.

What a blast for Sonja to go to a farm with kitties, dogs, and all those kids! How is she doing with the language?

Love, the Peticolas-Immel family

Snowbike said...

great update! I hope you make peace w/ the Mac in the battle--sounds frustrating and weird!! Drop me an email if I can help at all!