Monday, January 24, 2011

Vacation - first couple days

We went to warm up in warmer climates for not quite two weeks over New Years. It worked great.

Main goal of the first couple days was to not get burned, and get a lot of sand time. First full day in Kauai we left our hotel, shopped for items, then went to find our campsite. Put up the tent, and went a few steps over to the beach and played. The rest of the five days we spent at that campsite we generally rolled out of our sleeping bags sometimes after sunrise, ate breakfast, and walked a few steps over to the beach and played. And played. And played. Then for lunch or early afternoon, we explored different parts of the island.Our tent in Salt Pond Beach Park on the south side of the island.

On New Years Eve in the early afternoon, we headed up to Waimea Canyon and to the Kalalau overlook, way above the coast that the NaPali trail follows. Kids had fun running on the wide path.

Looking into Waimea Canyon.

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Cecile said...

Cool ! We really want to go to Hawaii.