Monday, November 22, 2010

By noon the first day

By noon the first day of the subtropical moisture system making its way into the subarctic, our local road looked like this. But that was noon, and it continued to drizzle continuously the entire day and night (at least so far), so it will be interesting to see how things look tomorrow. No school tomorrow either, due to the rain, so we will continue to practice that thing so rare in Fairbanks - making a snowman.

Taking the dogs for a walk, it feels, except for the darkness, like April. Everything is melting. Slush underneath the snow. Not what we bargained for in November. Especially since we finally got some decent snow this past weekend, making it look like the winter won't be so bad afterall.

More snowmen tomorrow.... if the snow lasts :)


Matt Heavner said...

yikes.. I hope the driveway/road out isn't too much of an icesheet! We had to get studded tires on the subaru just for our Juneau driveway--I bet lots of Fairbanks folks are thinking about studs right now.

Cecile said...

insane !
For once, I am kind of happy I was not there ;)