Thursday, December 3, 2009

Meal planner

I like the idea of a meal planner as seen on here (and she lists the dishes themselves here). (As an aside - I really like Meg's blog - she is creative with kids' things, sewing, crafting in a way I wish I was. Two years ago I grabbed a copy of her 'yoga poses for children' that she still has on her blog, got those pictures printed, and to this day Sonja periodically takes the photos out.)

Now, in order to clean up the house before Martin arrives, I thought I should copy down some of our weekly shopping lists that we have actually managed to do in the last two months... similar to the meal planner on Meg's blog. For inspiration for the future time when we don't know what to eat. Then at least I will be able to toss those tattered and torn shopping lists out. They have been sitting around for a few weeks already.

These are probably equivalent to about half of the weeks - the other half we have just not managed to make a menu and do the shopping all at one time. Quite a few repetitions - might be good to figure out some other dishes into our standard vocabulary. It would have been interesting if I had jotted down what we ate five years ago - I am sure there are some dishes that we ate regularly then that we forgot about for one reason or another by now (e.g. the shrimp with tomato / feta sauce; or the potato / sausage / leek dish). In fact, there is no overlap with what we ate for one week a year ago.

OK, here I go. Some week we thought we might eat the following - and at the end the menu might have changed as circumstances dictated:
  • Chicken with sundried tomatoes cream sauce
  • Martin's mom's rice with veggies (rice cooked with bouillon and veggies and at the end topped with layers of cheese that melt on top)
  • Roesti (potato pancake from cooked then grated potatoes) with creamy mushroom sauce
  • salmon with potatoes
Some other random week:
  • Pasta casserole (Baked dish of egg pasta, yellow bell peppers, leeks + peas in gorgonzola / egg sauce)
  • Beef and broccoli stir fry
  • steak tacos with guacamole
  • Sicilian spaghetti (a sauce consisting of anchovies, raisins, and some other potent flavors, topped with fried breadcrumbs, from Jamie's cookbook - that british chef)
  • Salmon + rice (that might have been a very basic curry consisting of zucchini and red bell peppers in coconut milk together with the salmon)
  • Mushroom ragout
Another week
  • Martin's mom's rice
  • Spaetzle (sort of fresh pasta that's dripped into boiling water), fried up with some veggies and may be cream
  • Salmon chowder
  • Pork Roast + potatoes
  • Fried rice using the pork meat
Another week
  • Fettucini Greta Garbo (from the Fiddlehead cookbook - pasta with smoked salmon in garlic cream sauce, if I remember the recipe correctly)
  • Homemade pizza (I like this crust)
  • Chuck steak + potatoes
  • Roesti with mushroom suace
  • Potatoes, onions, sausage
  • Salmon + Rice
  • Stir fry - beef and broccoli
This week, we have made
  • Pasta carbonara
  • Martin's mom's rice
  • pizza
  • pasta in an italian sausage + canned pumpkin pasta sauce
Now the question is, what to cook tomorrow. May be I will take the pumpkin risotto out of the freezer, even though Sonja didn't like it the first time I made it - but she can have scrambled eggs, from the fresh eggs we got both from Marin and Anne.

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