Monday, September 29, 2008

Playing in first snow (movie)

Yesterday morning Martin, Sonja and Saphira went to play in the snow that had fallen overnight (and stuck around, unlike Martin's predictions). The movie is about a minute long. Good thing the last Farmer's Market of the season was the day before, at least it still felt like fall and not winter.

At lunchtime, Martin picked up Tolly from the airport. And in the evening we had a gathering, for Tolly. A lot of people managed to get here despite the slick conditions. Dorte was laughing that the parking pullouts further up the road (for those that did not dare to go down the steep part of our road followed by the steep uphill of our driveway) were chock full of subarus. It is a favorite car around here. The food was excellent, even if some of it disappeared off the grill before it made it indoors (Martin and Chris, those shrimp were good, weren't they?? :) Just kidding, by that time, most people were already stuffed.). The company was excellent too, and we got to see several more people that we didn't meet yet in the month we've been back. And, as far as I know, no car in the ditch? Or at least if there were any cars, they managed to get out by themselves without coming back to the house for help.


Matt Heavner said...

Wahoo! Wish we could have crashed the party for Tolly--tell her hello!

No snow in Juneautopia--but snow line is toying with around 3000'. We had a meter of new snow at the top of Mendenhall Glacier last Wed.

Hilary said...

Yeah, we also wish we could have been at the party for Tolly. We miss Fairbanks!!! Glad to hear all is going well there and maybe we'll have to send you a chocolate care package from Switzerland.